Youth Ushers

Who serves as Youth Ushers at First Presbyterian Church, Hastings?

All youth in 9th through 12th grade are asked to serve as an usher on a rotating schedule for the months of September through May. Two youth will join other adult ushers each Sunday for the 10:30 worship.

Who creates the Youth Usher schedule?

The Director of Education for Children & Youth creates the schedule.

What to do if you cannot attend on the date you are scheduled to usher?

If you cannot serve as an usher on your assigned Sunday, please trade dates with another 9th thru 12th grader. If you do make any changes/trades, please do so at least a week in advance* and advise the Director of Education for Children & Youth so that the worship bulletin will reflect the changes.

*see guidelines below for last minute absences

Ushering Guidelines

  1. Call Chuck Hastings, 402-462-8460 as soon as you realize you cannot be present (last minute changes).
  2. Dress as though you will be representing the church.
  3. Arrive 15 minutes before the service is scheduled to begin.
  4. Stand at the top of the aisle, near the pews.
  5. Look people in the eye and greet them.
  6. Walk guests to their seats and return to the top of the aisle after they have been seated.
  7. No gum.
  8. No cell phones.
  9. Help pass the offering plates.
  10. Help pick up bulletins and attendance sheets after the service and tidy up the sanctuary.
  11. If you have questions or if a guest asks you a question you cannot answer, contact one of the permanent ushers.

Questions? Contact Stephanie at 402-462-5147 or [email protected].