Church Tour

Church Tour
We welcome you to First Presbyterian Church.

The symbols of the church – sculpture by Gary Coulter.

The courtyard with fountain offers a
place for peaceful reflection.

View of church with educational wing and chapel.

The south entrance to Memorial Room
offers a covered port cochere.

Parking is available in the lot, on the street, and other across Lincoln Ave at the FPC Annex.

The doors open to invite all.

The chancel at Thanksgiving.

A lamp unto our feet…
The rose is for new life – a new
baby in our congregation.

The cross is ever before us.

The congregation at worship.

The chapel can be used for small groups,
weddings or funerals. It features a small pipe organ.

North window in chapel.

Memorial room allows congregants
 to fellowship.  Coffee is always on
in Memorial Room at the Coffee
station.  The Youth Bell Choir
 tables are ready for a
Palm Sunday performance.

The parlor offers a place to visit in a home-like atmosphere.

Tables are set in fellowship hall
for the annual congregation
Thanksgiving dinner.

FPC’s library offers a variety of
 books to the avid reader.

The Anderson Conference Room is
used for small meetings.

The Kessler Room is used as a
classroom and for meetings.

Dr. Kessler used this room
as his office for many years.

A well-equipped nursery is
available during services.

The choir room is used for
rehearsal for all choirs.

The youth room offers a retreat
for the youth of the congregation.
The decor often reflects the current group.
(They have been known to paint it
a time or two – color? who knows?)


Parishioners in Fellowship Hall on Rally Sunday

Christmas Services