As we prepare for Saturday’s United Harvest distribution, please remember three things:

          1. Food is available, no questions asked, to anyone in need. Bring boxes or bags to receive.

            2. Volunteers are needed! Last month, we were short on volunteers. Most are needed during the primary shift (9:30-12:00), but many are also needed for the
clean-up shift (12:00-2:00)


3. Your help is appreciated!!

United Harvest distributions are a venue for spiritual and personal growth. Please consider the following thoughts, shared with us by a friend from FUMC. 

“Language and how we use it matters, especially within the Christian community where the context is
transforming lives. Language is constantly changing with
the times. That should lead us to challenge and listen to each other because what has been normative in the past may not be acceptable today. Communication  styles likely vary widely among the diverse group of volunteers and guests who make up the United Harvest ministry. Thus, with patience and awareness, we
should all strive to avoid
language which exhibits racial bias, labels people by what they lack, or indicates gender-based judgments or preconceptions. Such 
language would demonstrate failure to love our neighbor. An example from my educational background in the scientific arena fifty years ago illustrates how     
once was normative is now considered sexist. The statement “A scientist should carefully document his experiments” would today more likely be written as, 
“Scientists should document their
experiments.” When we label someone as “poor,” do we emphasize their financial poverty and dismiss their value? When native        English speakers hear Spanish being spoken locally, do we respond with curiosity or with judgment? In all matters which threaten to divide us—race, language, gender, financial standing, etc.—may we use language that instead brings to light the unity of Spirit which we have through God who created us all.”


December2017 United Harvest Flyer Spanish