A Little Friendly Competition with the Methodists…

  • Which church can raise the most funds (per capita) for the upcoming CROP Walk?
  • Losing congregation provides donuts for volunteers at the October United Harvest distribution!

Inspired by our work on the United Harvest Mobile Food Pantry with our First United Methodist Church (FUMC) neighbors, the FPC Mission Committee issued to FUMC the challenge stated above.  The challenge has been accepted, so we have to get to work!

The real winners in this challenge will be hungry teenagers in Hastings and wounded, suffering refugees world-wide.  

Results are In – Total collected for Hastings CROP walk is $6,633.78!!!
     First United Church of Christ  $288.08
     First Presbyterian                $2,022.25
     First St. Paul’s Hastings          $700.00
     First United Methodist             $320.00
     Grace United Methodist       $2,055.00
     Juniata United Methodist        $314.93
     Good Shephard                       $344.00
     St. Paul Lutheran, Glenvil        $385.00
     Hastings High                          $233.76

Grace United Methodist Church is the top collector – Congratulations!!!

Frank Medsker raised $1,017.25 of our Presbyterian team’s amount, exceeding his goal of $910.

Thank you, Frank Medsker, and to all who participated!