A new mission connection with SASA Crisis Center

Our local SASA (Spousal Abuse and Sexual Assault) Crisis Center has asked for our help in maintaining their newly remodeled donation room.  The new space is brighter, more spacious, and provides a more distinguished “boutique” atmosphere for the women they serve.  Volunteer responsibilities would include sorting through the week’s donations and deciding what to keep, what to pitch, and checking the racks to maintain appropriate and seasonal inventory.

Volunteers would work in pairs for about two hours per time.  First Presbyterian Church has committed to providing a pair of volunteers to work their shift at some point during the 3rd week of each month, beginning in October.  Depending on how many volunteers step forward, individuals may work only 2-3 shifts per year.  All volunteers must attend a training session.  Trainings are currently scheduled for Sun, Sep 18 at 1pm; Wed, Sep 21 at 10am; and Thu, Sep 29 at 2pm.

**Please contact Kili to sign up for one of the trainings.