It can be difficult to find meaningful ways to engage our families in faith formation. It can sometimes feel awkward, we don’t always know what to do, and sometimes we have a hard time talking about our own faith stories. Seasons like Advent and Lent are great opportunities to say, “Hey kids – we’re going to try something new for the next few weeks.” Particularly during Advent, with our culture’s desire to get to December 25 as soon after Halloween as possible, it’s important to take time to stop, wait, and to have conversations and engage in intentional practices for the season. An Illustrated Advent for Families is one way to do that—to slow down, ask questions, have fun, be intentional about how you spend your time, and try new things. There are coloring pages for your children, but we’ve often found that parents enjoy coloring them as much (if not more…) as their children enjoy the coloring. There are simple but meaningful devotions for families to do throughout Advent, an Advent Wreath activity, and our Advent Calendar.

Please let Rose Koepp know if you’d like the download emailed to you or printed for you, if needed.