Dear members of the First Presbyterian Church,

Hello from your very own scout troop! For those who don’t already know us, we are Troop 200 and proud to be hosted, supported and chartered by the First Presbyterian Church here in Hastings Nebraska.  This has been a long-standing partnership that goes all the way back to 1936, and with mutual reverence and friendship it looks to continue to be a strong presence in Hastings for many years after I pass the torch to the next Scout master.

About us: 
We currently have 13 boys, 4 patrols and a very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and dedicated council of leaders and parents. There is always room for more and we welcome and encourage all that want to join or volunteer your time.  It is truly essential to keeping the scouting spirit alive.

Our young men strive to learn and advance skills that will help them help themselves in life, and teach the value of helping others along the way. We camp out (or gather for an indoor overnight during hunting season) once a month. Then spend a week in the summer roughing it in a boy elected and BSA sponsored location. Focusing on outdoor activities such as fire starting and building, camping, cooking, first aid, emergency preparedness, personal fitness, aquatics, marksmanship, teamwork and more. We do charity work, service projects and some fund-raising to help with the expenses that come with the character building experiences throughout the year.

Boy scouts provides an opportunity to explore interests, and possible career choices they might make, through merit badge clinics, Camporees and work at meetings.  There is a ranking system that holds a boy true to proving their skill, knowledge and loyalty in order to advance.  They begin by earning the rank of scout and have the ultimate goal of earning Eagle Scout, which they earn by completing required merit badges, hours of service and leading a project that benefits the community. Only a handful of dedicated scouts achieve this rank and Troop 200 has a picture of every one of them on the wall downstairs in the church’s scout room!

For those that do know us, know that we do our best to be a contributing factor in our community.  We had some very generous members of the congregation donate during our leaf raking fundraiser.  You helped us raise $600.00 for the healthy beginnings program.  To you, a very heartfelt a grateful Thank you!  Not only did it help a worthy cause, it also was a great chance for the boys to learn to work together and unite as a group.  Crucial to developing future leaders in our families and society.

Come join us on Monday nights!
I would like to personally extend an invitation to check us out. If you are a boy at least 11 years old, or about to go into the 6th grade, and have a parent or guardian to sponsor you (or more), feel free to contact us!  Financial aid is always available to those in need, and no interested participant will be turned away.  Doing our best for God and country is in our oath and we abide by our laws.

If you are a girl of the same age, grade, interests and support, I can put you in touch with Venture crews in Hastings or Blue Hill who do the exact same thing as co-eds in the scouting program.

You MAY send an e-mail to: or call / text me directly at 402 705 0553 if you are interested in seeing our boys in action.

Or contact Tarci at the church directly during the weekday 8:30-4:30 at 402 462 5147 and she will get a message to me.

Loyally yours,
Thomas Kleinjan,
Scout Master,
Troop 200