Dear First Presbyterian Church Family:

I hope you have all had a great week and are staying safe and healthy.

In this email you will find:

-FRIDAY FEATURE with Pastor Damen and Hannah Jensen

-SUNDAY SERVICE description and links

-PRAYER REQUEST for United Harvest

FRIDAY FEATURE: Pastor Damen has continued his Friday Feature broadcasts where he invites a local musician to listen to read the scripture for the week (John 14:15-21)  and listen to our Monday Check-In. The artist then shares a conversation with Damen and a piece of music that relates. This week features our own Hannah Jensen who is an incredibly talented songwriter and musician. Take a listen to their interview and Hannah’s new song entitled “There You’ll Find” that ties in beautifully with the scripture for the week. You can click here to listen to it like a radio broadcast or download it as a podcast:

SUNDAY SERVICE: We continue our Stay-At-Home worship service this week. Pastor Damen will be preaching and the Oliver family will join us to help lead music along with our amazing organist Linda Vollweiler. To join us for that, click on this link: (we stream on Facebook, but you don’t need a Facebook account to watch it.) You can download the bulletin here to follow along and sing along; we have included the hymn sheets in the bulletin:

PRAYER REQUEST: We do have a United Harvest food distribution on Saturday, so I would invite you to be praying for that. Please pray that everyone stays safe and healthy. Pray that our volunteers can bear the love and light of Christ and that our neighbors feel that love and light as they pick up their food.

We hope you have a blessed weekend!

Your Servant in Christ,

Pastor Greg