Dear First Presbyterian Church Family:

In this note you will find:




Pastor Damen has continued the “Friday Feature” broadcast. He invites a local musician to listen to our Monday Check-In bible study and spend the week reflecting on it. Then he interviews the musician who shares a piece of music that relates. This week he interviewed Jim Sanderson. You can listen to that interview and piece of music like a radio broadcast or download it as a podcast by clicking here:


We have finalized our plans for this Sunday, May 3, and want to share them with you. There are two options to join us for worship this Sunday at 10:30am:

  1. Stay-At-Home worship service: You can tune into the worship service from the comfort of your home by watching it on the internet livestream by clicking here:

You can download the bulletin by clicking here:

You can also listen by tuning in to KICS 1550 AM radio at 10:30am on Sunday morning. If you choose this option, we invite you to have bread of any sort, and some form of liquid on hand as we will be doing communion. Please don’t leave your house just to get bread and juice, any solid food and any liquid will do, even water, according to the guidelines issued by the denomination. In our tradition, communion is a sign and symbol of God’s grace, and that grace is present no matter what elements are used.

  1. Drive-In Worship: If you have cabin fever and want to get out of the house, but also want to respect the State Directed Health Measures, we have designed a Drive-In Worship Opportunity. Drive under the covered portico entrance in the church parking lot between 10:10am-10:25am to pick up a packet that will include: a bulletin and pre-packaged communion elements for everyone in your car. (You can also bring your own communion elements if you would prefer.) Then tune your radio to KICS 1550 AM and find a parking spot in the church parking lot or the PEACE Center Parking lot. You can smile and wave at your fellow church family members, but PLEASE STAY IN YOUR CAR.

It is going to be vital that everyone stay in their cars for the duration of the worship service to respect the social distancing protocols issued by the state. We even encourage you to keep your windows rolled up. If you have the need to use a restroom during the service, we encourage you to drive home and continue to listen to the service over the radio. The church will be locked, you will not be able to come inside. We all need to work together to stop the spread of the disease and flatten the curve.

Your church staff has worked diligently to set up this opportunity for worship including touching base with the Health Department and the Police Department. We are grateful that we can “gather” in this way, but we must be extra careful and vigilant. I know we are all going to want to greet and hug one another, but we must stay in our cars. This only works if we honor the Directed Health Measures issued by the state and maintain the social distancing protocols. We don’t want to become known as the church that contributed to the spread of the disease in our region, so please follow the guidelines strictly.

We can’t wait to worship with you on Sunday, whether that is over the internet livestream or radio while you “Stay-at-Home” or whether you join us in the parking lot at the “Drive-In Worship.” It will be an authentic joy to celebrate Communion and the Lord’s Day service as a family of faith.

Your Servant in Christ,

Pastor Greg