Dear First Presbyterian Faithful,            

Greetings from your Troop 200!  It has been an adventurous season for our boys and we would like to share our journeys.            

            What we have done:

            In August, to kick off the season, we took a trip down the Calamus River, and on the way home we stopped at Fort Hartsuff and the Happy Jack Chalk mine to learn a thing or two about our Nebraskan history.  Not having any canoes, paddles, life jackets a way to transport them or sea legs, we managed to plan a fun and safe river trip that got everyone to work together on many levels.  The success of this ambitious venture was aided by an uncle of a scout who provided a trailer, parents that borrowed vessels from friends and family, and a contributor who read our last newsletter, Mr. Brady Rhodes, came forward and generously offered us the final piece to the puzzle by lending us his canoe, gear and    advice.  It was a great example of how to be helpful, friendly, kind and reverent for the boys.  Thank you all!

            In September, we were honored to be the color guard for the Hastings College Home Coming Parade! We with our younger chartered members from Pack 200 marched through downtown Hastings hoisting the colors for the celebration.  We used our meeting time during the month to plan for October’s camp out.

            In October, we held a camp out for Webelos.  It was the first of its kind in my tenure as Scout master in the way of being boy planned and led.  I am very proud of our leadership.  They brainstormed the pioneering project, the activities, the material needs, menu and location.  In the end, Mr. & Mrs. Matticks provided us an excellent location to attempt a tower build, make sling shots, construct and run a BB / paintball gun target range and cook an exquisite 1-course Italian meal!  This was a great step forward for the troops.

            What the scouts are doing:

            ADVANCEMENTS – Most of the boys are going through Scout Master Reviews (SMR), where I sit down with the scout and a guardian to inspect their handbook, review their involvement in the troop, discuss the future goals and prepare them for rank advancement.  After a SMR, the boys have been going before a Board of Review (BOR).  The Board consists of 3 – 5 members made up of our council, friends of the troop and unrelated family members who interview the scout and determine if he is ready for advancement. 

            POPCORN! – The scouts are busy with their biggest fundraiser of the year by selling popcorn.  For those of you who have purchased some, Thank you for your support!  The money goes to pay for our camp outs, merit badges, encouraging parental involvement and so much more.  For those who would like to buy some and help a scout, please contact me at 402-705-0553 or

            WREATHS! – The troop is selling Christmas wreaths, cheerful bows and evergreen ornaments.  Perfect for gifts, festive decoration for your business or organization or to just to hang one on your door.  They can be delivered to you or you can have them shipped to anywhere in the US!  Let us help you spruce up your seasonal décor.  Contact me and I will get a polite and well-dressed scout to you with ordering options.

            Our future plans:

            LEAF RAKING – Fellow Christians, every year for the last 11-plus years in November, Troop 200 has been raking leaves and collecting free-will donations in hopes of brightening Christmas for a couple of families in crisis aided by the Healthy Beginnings organizations.  The money the troop collects will be used to purchase clothes, food, cleaning supplies and toys and games for the little ones.  I also post a list of items we will ultimately be shopping for.  If you could donate some things to help the cause, it would make it all the brighter for those we are trying to help.
             We also need your messy yards!  For a donation we will come to your place, remove the fallen foliage along with various form of yard waste and dispose of it all properly.  We have dedicated the first 3 weekends of November to clean up yards and would love to hear from you to make an appointment.  Last year was a tremendous success due to your generosity, and we are going to do our best to make this year just as good with your help.

            As always, if you have a boy between 5 and 14 that is interested in scouting, we would be happy to get him signed up!

Loyally yours,

Thomas Kleinjan
Scout Master, Troop 200
Phone: 402 705 0553