GriefShare began a 13 week series on Thursday, January 26th, 7:00 p.m., at The Youth & Family Ministry Center, corner of 4th Street and Lexington Avenue in Hastings.  Each evening features a video followed by discussion.  A guidebook is provided with daily thoughts to ponder and related Bible verses.  There is no cost for attending or for the guidebook.  Sponsors are First St Paul’s Lutheran Church and Livingston Butler Volland Funeral Home & Cremation Center.  More information can be found at or by calling 402-463-1329.

GriefShare FAQ
Who should attend GriefShare?  GriefShare is for people who have lost a loved one due to death. When someone is ready to attend GriefShare is a very personal matter. Some people are ready within a few weeks of the loss and for others it may be several months or even a couple of years.
What happens during a typical meeting?  We talk about the past week’s pages in the workbook and questions/thoughts that people may have from the previous week’s video.  After that, we watch the current week’s video with discussion following.  We end each session with prayer.
Do I have to talk during the meeting? No one is forced to talk, but you are encouraged to join in the conversation whenever you feel comfortable.
Do I have to write in the workbook?  Writing in the booklet is not required as we realize that people have different learning styles.  However, an outline for taking notes during the video is included in the booklet. You may find your notes to be very helpful when you refer back to the lessons.
Is GriefShare counseling?  No. GriefShare is not counseling. Facilitators are present to encourage participation by introducing questions to generate conversation.  If you are currently seeing a counselor, we recommend that you continue that. Through GriefShare you can be amazed at the healing that takes place by sharing with people in situations similar to yours.
What does it cost?  There is no cost for attending or for the booklet. Sponsors are First St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and Livingston Butler Volland Funeral Home & Cremation Center.
Is child care provided?  Childcare can be provided if we are contacted in time to arrange for an attendant in our childcare area.  Please give us a few days to arrange care for your child/children, by calling 402-463-1329.
Where is GriefShare held?  GriefShare usually meets at The Youth & Family Ministry Building of First St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, west door. 
When can I begin?  A winter session will begin Thursday, January 26, 2017. However, people not able to begin when a new series starts, can begin at any other Thursday evening. 
What if I am just not sure about such a group being for me?  You are encouraged to visit to “try it on.”  We understand if you decide that you are not ready for such a group.  If you decide that the group experience is not for you at this time, you might consider signing up for the daily e-mails of encouragement from GriefShare.  Just go to