An inter-generational service trip is heading to Houston, Texas March 18-24. Open to both college students and members of First Presbyterian Church, we’ll travel by van to Houston. Once there we will partner with the Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church in their Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts. They have recovery efforts going in 15 different counties in the Houston area which we will assist as best we are able. We will be hosted at a church and provided access to showers, a kitchen, and a place to sleep. Most likely that means air mattresses though there is a slight possibility that other arrangements could be made if necessary. Also, we will probably be participating in more physical labor kinds of tasks but we’ll know more about what we’ll be asked to do in the next couple of weeks. In order to cover costs and make a donation to our service partners we are asking folks to contribute $200 to participate in the trip. There is scholarship funding available and the cost includes meals, gas, and funds for a fun day before we leave Houston. Some have already indicated their interest but if you are interested or have other questions please contact Pastor Damen.