Happy Monday First Presbyterian Church Family!

It’s a double feature of the Monday Check-In! Last week, I forgot to send out the links for the Monday Check-In, so this week you get two!

The Monday Check-In is a short broadcast/podcast where Pastor Damen and I pray, share an informal Bible study chat on the scripture that will be preached on, and share some announcements about what’s going on in the church.

Last week, we talked about Luke 24 and post-resurrection Jesus asking his disciples if they had anything for him to eat. This week, we talked about 1 John 3:16-24 and John 10. We riffed on the image of the Good Shepherd and talked about it means to lay down our lives.

To listen to the Monday Check-in like a radio broadcast or download it as a podcast, click here:

Monday 4/12: https://soundcloud.com/damen-heitmann/041221-monday-check-in

Monday 4/19: https://soundcloud.com/damen-heitmann/041921-monday-check-in

If you’d prefer to see our smiling faces, you can watch the Monday Check-In on YouTube by clicking here:

Monday 4/12: https://youtu.be/kmexsFtfeYw

Monday 4/19: https://youtu.be/LlqNnBbr6nM

Enjoy these broadcasts and have a blessed week!

-Pastor Greg