Dear First Presbyterian Church Family,

We are starting our Summer Sermon Series on Children’s Books! This Sunday will feature “Old Turtle” by Douglas Wood. If you don’t know this book, be prepared for a treat. With a thoughtful message and stunning watercolor illustrations, this book is a great way to start our sermon series this summer.

On the Monday Check-In this week, Pastors Damen and Greg will read the book and connect it with Genesis 1 in an informal Bible study chat. And as usual, they will have a short time of prayer as well as some church announcements.

If you want to listen to the Monday Check-In like a radio broadcast or podcast, click here:

If you prefer to see our smiling faces, as well as the illustrations from the book and a goofy video effect from Pastor Damen, you can watch the Monday Check-In on YouTube by clicking here:

Either way, you won’t want to miss it, or any of our upcoming Monday Check-Ins for our Children’s Book Sermon Series. Have a great week!

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Greg