Dear Presbyterian Church Family,

We have a double feature today!

Pastors Damen and Greg recorded the Monday Check-In yesterday, their weekly Bible Study broadcast. They reflected on the book of Jonah, the guy swallowed by a big fish, and talked about prophetic voices and repentance. To listen to it like a radio broadcast or download it like a podcast, click here:

If you’d prefer to see our smiling faces, you can watch the check-in on YouTube here:

We didn’t post the Monday Check-In yesterday because it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and we wanted to share a different video. Pastors Damen and Greg and Parish Associate Kili Wenburg joined 13 other faith leaders from Central Nebraska in a video reading Dr. King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” If you didn’t catch that yesterday or you want to see it again, you can watch it on YouTube here:

We hope that these links help you deepen and grow in your faith and also help you feel a sense of connection to our beloved community. Have a blessed week!

Your servants in Christ,

Pastor Greg and Pastor Damen