Poinsettias may be purchased in honor or in memory of a loved one. The cost is $15 each.  Money raised over the cost will be donated to Salvation Army Utility Assistance Program, which provided $24, 627.75 towards utilities assistance in the last 12 months. Funds helped 404 people with necessary electricity, water and gas, of which 382 were in families – 70 were children under the age of 5 and 85 were children aged 6-10. 7 of the 404 people assisted were over the age of 62. 

As with all of The Salvation Army’s programs, utilities assistance is an emergency service. To qualify, individuals and families must have received a disconnect notice and meet qualifications of need. 

Your donation makes a difference. Please return the order form to the church office. You may find the order form here, or on the glass shelf in front of the church office.