Children who routinely attend Sunday School and Wednesday Night Live will get a chance at a worship leadership role. Each month, all children preschool thru 8th grade with 100% Sunday School or Wednesday Night Live attendance will be entered into a drawing. Two children will be chosen each month. The children will get a chance to extend their faith growth to others by choosing to serve in one of the following worship roles:
• Acolyte (if under 4th grade)
• Usher
• Music soloist
• Call to Worship leader
• Prayer leader
• Children’s Moment leader or helper
During the month of March, twenty (20) children had 100% Sunday School attendance. Twenty-five (25) children had 100% Wednesday Night Live attendance. The two children whose names were drawn for March’s recognition are Olivia Canady (Sunday School) and Moses Rhodes (WNL). Thanks be to God for our faithful attenders!