Money and Possessions Meeting 12:00-1:00 on Wednesdays, beginning June 14, the Summer Book Club will
read and discuss Walter Brueggemann’s book Money and Possessions under the leadership of
Dr. Dan Deffenbaugh. Order your copy from your favorite book seller today!  
     “The Bible is rich with complex and diverse material on the topic of money and possessions. Indeed,
     a close look at many scriptural texts reveals that economics is a core preoccupation of the  biblical tradition.
     In this new work, highly regarded preacher and scholar Walter Brueggemann explores the recurring theme
     of money and possessions in the Old and New Testaments. He  proposes six theses concerning money
     and possessions in the Bible, observing their contradictory  nature to the conventional wisdom and practice
     of both the ancient world and today’s society. Brueggemann advises us to reassess the ways in which
     our society engages—or does not  engage—questions of money and possessions as carriers of
     social possibility. He invites the  church to move toward an alternative neighborly economy that is
     more consistent with the gospel  we confess.”