Dear First Presbyterian Church Family:

In this email you will find:

-A recap and link to Sunday worship

-Links to the “Monday Check-In” announcements and bible study with me and Pastor Damen

-A description and link to the “Friday Feature” conversation between Pastor Damen and Dr. Louie Eckhardt

What a blessed day of worship we shared virtually on Sunday. Our amazing organist led the music and Sue Medsker-Nedderman helped lead the hymns along with me and Pastor Damen. We also had a pre-recorded anthem of the combined FPC and Hastings College handbell choir that was beautiful. I preached a sermon with: A few humorous quips, an appearance of Yogi Bear and our dog Luna, and a great quote by Pastor Damen. The sermon was entitled “Peace be with you” based on Jesus’ post-resurrection appearance in John 20. It compares the disciples’ experience of being locked away, socially isolated and scared with our own and asks what we can learn from that. If you missed the service, you can catch it here:

Damen and I have recorded our Monday Check-In. This is like a radio show where we share announcements about the life of the church and then offer a bible study chat on the scripture that we are studying this week. You can listen like you would listen to a radio program or download it as a podcast by clicking this link:

If you prefer to see our smiling faces, you can watch it on YouTube by clicking here:

Last week Damen did a “Friday Feature” with our church member and Hastings College Music Professor Louie Eckhardt. They reflected on Jesus post-resurrection appearance in John 20 and Louie shared some amazing insights into composer Gustav Mahler. Then he shared a piece of music that tied it all together. It was an insightful conversation and a beautiful piece of music, so take a listen by clicking on this link:

We hope you have a blessed week. Please reach out to the church if there is anything we can do to support you in this time.

You Servant in Christ,

Pastor Greg