From Dr. Robin Koozer:

I want to invite you to participate in the recording of a virtual choir video. Unlike our previous “virtual” choir productions of “Be Thou My Vision” and “Silent Night,” I am asking EVERYONE in our congregation to participate…this means NOT ONLY THE CHANCEL CHOIR, BUT YOU! In fact, encourage your non-Presbyterian friends!  Nothing speaks to unity more profoundly than singing in a choir!

Many of you may know my favorite hymn tune is ORA LABORA (“Come, Labor On”).  Another friend, Jeremy Bankson has recently published a wonderful choral anthem using that hymn.   With permission from the composer and his publisher, I have written five new verses applicable to our Lenten journey for a special musical project in our church and our community.

Below you will find instructions on how to participate in this virtual choir project from home written by Tom Michalek. Please don’t let the technology scare you, if what you read below seems overwhelming, we are scheduling times for people to come down to the church to record, so you would just need to show up with your voice, and we will take care of the rest of it. Those times are this Wednesday (3/3) at 6:45 and Thursday (3/4) at 4:00.

Here is a link to the music with the new verses I have written:

I hope you can join us as we “make a joyful noise” together!


Thank you for singing in the FPC Lenten Virtual Choir, “Come, Labor On.”  Here are the instructions:

In short: you will play the video on your computer with headphones; record yourself on your phone singing along; and email me that video.  

In detail:

  1. Here is a link to a YouTube video created for the project. Note there is a separate video for each voice part. The video will talk you through and direct the song and provide someone with whom you can sing.

Come, Labor On: SOPRANO

Come, Labor On: ALTO

Come, Labor On: TENOR

Come, Labor On: BASS

  1. You will need two devices: One on which to play this YouTube (usually a computer or laptop) and one to video-record your singing (usually a “smart” cell phone with video camera.)
  2. Plug headphones into the computer, so the phone will record your singing, but not the accompaniment.
  3. Prop the cell phone nearby to video record yourself.

-Try to have the phone on eye level (so we don’t see up your nose. 🙂

-Prop your phone the “tall” way, not the “wide” way.

-Have any bright lights or windows IN FRONT of you, not behind you.

-Be aware of what is behind you as you video. Try to avoid ceiling fans in the background, or anything you don’t want immortalized in a video.

-Record in a QUIET environment.  Turn off fans, tv’s in the next room, washer/dryer, etc.

  1. The video will prompt you when to press “record” on your video camera.
  2. If you make an error or two, let it go and continue on.  If you create a major error when you are almost done, continue to record but rewind the YouTube to the nearest verse.  The errors can be edited. In other words, we’d rather receive your video with a few errors, than not receive your video at all!
  3. Send the video, by Saturday, March 6, to Tom:    Ways to send it:

-On your cell phone video, look for a “Share” button.  On an iPhone or iPad, it looks like a square with an up arrow coming out of it. On an Android phone, it looks like three dots with lines joining them.  Click that button.  Choose “Copy link.”  Email that link to Tom. 

-OR, if you use a gmail account to email it, it will automatically be shared via Google Drive, and create a link to send to Tom

-OR Google Photos: Share, and “create link.”  Send that link to Tom.

-OR go to    Click “Send a File”, then the plus sign.  Click “Photo Library”, then your video. Click “Add” and follow the prompts.  (This is a free website, no registration required.)

  1. HAVE FUN!  It does indeed feel therapeutic to sing!  Remember, there is safety in numbers, and many, many voices will be combined in this video.  No one will hear your individual voice.  And sound editing is a beautiful, marvelous thing. 🙂

Questions about how to record this? Contact Tom: Cell 402.699.2342, or email